Q: What is Boudoir?
A: The word “Boudoir” a French word meaning “to pout or sulk and literally translates to a lady's bedroom, dressing room or private sitting room. Therefore, allowing the mind to wonder to intimate things. Modern day Boudoir photography sessions consists mostly of sexy photo shoots that give you an opportunity to wear different styles of lingerie (or whatever you want or not want). More and more women are seeking these types of photos to give as gifts to a significant other or for something special for self. Perhaps to show off a new figure, or document your beauty at 30. Whatever your reason, it is totally up to you and we are happy to oblige.

However, don't be mislead. At Chocolate Boudoir, it doesn’t have to mean all lingerie or implied nudity. We will shoot you fully clothed and put a sexy spin on it if that is what you desire.

Q: What is Chocolate Boudoir?
A. Chocolate Boudoir is the photo creation of 16 year seasoned professional Photographer “Smiley”. Alongside weddings, product photography, events, models and fashion, "Smiley's" passion for the art form of photography is obvious.

In his dealings with many clients, he often encountered women who lacked the love for self. They did not find themselves beautiful because of often false interpretations of what beauty looks like.  He set out to create a series that could change that. What started as "Love Sessions: Love Yourself First, Let Others Love You Second" became a hit. He discovered that many of his client’s were totally amazed at just how beautiful they really were and saw a sense of renewed confidence and love for self.  The beauty was always there, they just needed a little creative opportunity to show it off in a fun, artistic, creative and glamorous way.

It was also discovered that much of the Boudoir photography found on the web, didn't reflect many minorities, but mostly unflattering images of women of color and he set out to change that with the name Chocolate Boudoir. Boudoir tends to  carry with it a more classy, vintage, modern, tasteful and glamorous appeal for all women that are interested in doing it.

Chocolate Boudoir has now become the place to capture the everyday woman of all types, regardless of race, ethnic background, age or body type in a beautiful, intimate, tasteful, classy, artistic and glamorous way. So whether you are dark skin toned like Dark Chocolate, or light brown like Milk Chocolate, even Ivory skin toned like White Chocolate, we want to capture your beautiful skin at Chocolate Boudoir.

Q: Where will the Boudoir session take place?
A: That is your choice. Choose from our studio, a private residence, a hotel Suite or rented property. We keep a list of great options and alternatives. Because we travel, we even look around in your area for amazing locations to make your shoot outstanding!

Q: I don't live near Charlotte, NC. Do you travel?
A: Yes, Chocolate Boudoir will travel all 50 states and internationally if you would like for us to. Of course there will be some travel fees involved, but we will show you how to get those fees waived so you don't have to pay them.

Q: How many people will be present for my Boudoir shoot?
A: Your privacy is important to us. The only people present during your shoot session may just be your photographer. Often times there is a female staff of a make-up artist, hair stylist and/or wardrobe stylist depending on the type of shoot and other conditions that are chosen. But, in the actual shooting area will be the photographer and make-up artist if you desire. We know that a female presence nearby helps to ease any concerns or apprehensions you may have with a male photographer so we will always aim to provide that. Your comfort is our top priority, so see the next question.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Yes, you may bring a friend, if it makes you feel more comfortable. The only concern maybe that some people get more concerned about what their friend is doing or thinking that it takes away from the creative process. If your friend is checking his/her watch and is impatient, then you may lose focus. So it certainly is something you can consider once you warm up to the shooting environment. All we want is for your inner beauty to shine through and be at your best with no distractions.

Q: I’m shy and very body conscious - Is this really for me?
A: Yes it’s for women of all shapes and sizes. The reason these sessions (formally known as "Love Sessions") were started is because often 'Smiley" found there were so many women that lacked the esteem, confidence and love for self. These sessions were created so that women could embrace who they are and accept that they are beautiful inside and out just the way God made them. We make sure you feel comfortable at our Chocolate Boudoir sessions. By the end of the shoot you will be happy you decided to shoot with us.  We’ll help you every step of the way to pose and capture your best angles and most appealing sides and help make the concerned areas look as if they never existed.

Q: How old are most of your Boudoir clients?
A: To date, our clients have ranged between 21-45 years of age. We do not shoot with anyone under 18 years of age.

Q: Do you retouch the images?
A: Yes! We believe in a well polished and professional final image. While we don’t believe in transforming you into a whole different person, we will enhance the beauty that you already have. So don't ask us to change you from Rosie O'Donnell to Angelina Jolie ;  )

Q: Will you use my images on the Internet?
A: Only with your expressed written permission. We do not use your photos any where until you have granted permission through our client model release form. On this document you can specify where and how your photos can be used or not used. Our release form specifically outlines the restrictions and privacy settings that you want in place. The lovely ladies you see on this website were generous enough to allow us to post up a few from their sessions so we could get the site going. We will love to use at least one image from your shoot in order to continue showcasing the progressive art form but we will consult with you first.

Q: I am camera shy and don’t really know how to pose?
A: No problem we help you pose and guide you all the way throughout your session.

Q: Can I do my own hair and make-up? And if yes is there a discount on my package?
A: We strongly recommend that you do not do your own make-up. We understand that some people are very picky about their make-up but our make-up artists are very professional and know how to bring out your best features. There is no discount on our boudoir packages if you decide to do your own make-up. Make up is A La Carte only during Marathon Specials. We still insist that in those situations you seek a professional artist before you arrive.

Q: Can I get false eyelashes?
A: Yes. We recommend them. They are a great enhancement to the overall look.  

Q: What should I bring to my shoot?
A: For all of our shoots, (except for Au Naturale Erotica) we recommend that you bring a minimum of 5-9 outfits to choose from. Having a couple of extra outfits gives us more variety. It’s not uncommon for clients to come with a suitcase full of different bra and panty sets (boyshorts, bikinis, thongs, G-strings etc.), corsets, a teddy, thigh high stockings, garter belts, button down shirt or even your wedding veil and bridal lingerie. There isn’t a limit and our professional staff are happy to help you style.

Q: Do I need to bring accessories?
A: Yes, accessories are always great. Bring shoes, hats, feathers, flowers, scarfs, jewelry, stockings or whatever your heart desires. Try to have your accessories match your outfits. We will have a few things to choose from also.

Q: Explain the pre consultations?
A: In my experience it always helps break the ice to talk by phone, video chat or meet in person if the circumstances allow. We just want to ensure that all of your questions and concerns have been answered and you are a little more at ease than before. We’ll discuss all the details and I’m certainly available anytime if you still have questions later.

Q: Do I get the high resolution images?
A. The high resolution images are available for an extra charge and those prices will be shown to you when you shoot. .

Q: Do I get an online gallery of my portraits?
A: Yes! Within a week after your shoot, you will be sent an email with all of the online proofing instructions to view your photos. This gallery is password protected and you are the only one that will receive this information. You may share it with your friends only if you wish.

Q: How long does it take to get the finished product?
A: Once we have the pictures online and you have chosen your favorite ones. We then start the editing process. It will take on average up to a 1-3 day for prints, 2 -3 weeks for books and other larger product items. We can expedite the order for an additional cost to meet certain deadlines.

Q: Do I have any control offer the design of the custom photo book?
A: You choose the images that will go into the book but we reserve the control in designing the book. We are happy to show you a sample of a book similar to what we are creating for you. Our Boudoir Books are 10 - 20 pages. You can add pages at an extra charge.

Q: Can I order other products from you?
A: Yes once your boudoir portraits are online you can order prints, canvases, books, handmade albums calendars or any other products that we offer.

Q: How do I pay for my session?
A: You may pay online via PayPal or credit card, cash or with a check. (There will be a charge for any returned checks).

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to hold the date?
A: Yes. The minimum deposit/retainer fee we accept is $150 or we will do 33% of the total package amount. The deposit/retainer fee is non refundable after a certain date. However, it will be transferrable, meaning you can move it to another date within 2 months or give it to someone else as a gift. This retains the date and time of your shoot. It also will be credited toward your package.

Q: Can I reschedule?
A: Yes you can reschedule if you call at least 7 days before the Boudoir session. You may reschedule your Boudoir shooting date to be within a 2 month timeframe from you original booking. After that your deposit will be forfeited.

Q: What is Au Naturale Erotica?
A: Au Naturale Erotica shares the same letters as the umbrella company Au Naturale Entertainment. This style of photography consists of mainly artistic anonymous nudes. These images are for the bolder individual with no apprehensions in bearing it all to showcase the beauty of the female art form. With the use of angles, shadows, professional lighting, natural lighting, these bodyscapes are beautiful, artistic, edgy, sensual, sometimes bold and sometimes soft, you decide.

Professional hair and makeup are typically not needed for these sessions, nor many clothes. Pricing for these sessions start at $499.